Masterfully crafted from the ground up utilizing the  #Awesome  Kick in the Chest  kit

Heather Kit


Product Description

Versatile, useful and elegant are just a few words that come to mind when describing this wonderful kit. Masterfully crafted from the ground up utilizing the  #Awesome  Kick in the Chest  kit, you will be hard-pressed  not to create hit after HIT! Sonically arresting, Heather will demand your attention while lush pads and pulsating pizzicati massage and prod your being. But it doesn’t stop there. Throw in a few other elements on top of a sonorous, teeth rattling low end and you have THIS KIT!!!



The sounds & samples contained herein are licensed, not sold, to you and remain the property of BEAUTIFUL NOYZE, LLC. The individual elements are yours to use as part of your original compositions and live musical performances. For exclusives & custom kits, email us at: licensing(AT)beautifulnoyze(DOT)com

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